samedi 12 mars 2011

Affordable Michelin Star Restaurants in Paris: The Secret Resto List

 This meal above and the 2 desserts below is a 28 euro lunch option from a Michelin Star Restaurant in of the best arrondissements in Paris! It was incredible. A shot of Jerusalem artichoke soup, raw scallops with lemon oil, cauliflower and broccoli, seared cod with a celery root puree, tempura squid with squid ink mayonnaise, and corn meal puree with sweetbreads! 

Food is one reason sooo many come to France and rightfully so. Dishes here are classic, perfectly executed and full of incredible flavor. It's quite easy to get carried away dreaming and planning of your meals before you get here yet it is straight out frustrating to look at the price tag! A dinner for 250-350 euro would most likely be the best meal of your life yet its just a bit too much. With the right kind of insider knowledge you can visit the "up and coming" new star chefs and Michelin star restaurants with menu's for 26-90 euro. 

If you're interested in having us plan and reserve a few of these gems while making use of our thorough research into the top Michelin Star or similar quality affordable restaurants in Paris please contact us. This concierge type of service, along with reservations for dining for 75 euro. Email

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  1. This looks absolutely amazing! I live in Stockholm but visiting Paris is definitely on my list of things to do!! Thanks for the fab tips!!


  2. Glad you liked it. These meals are incredible. You definitely have to come with an empty stomach. Let me know if you make a trip b/c we would love to take you on a trip or help you plan!! Thanks for checking out the site. -Sydney