mercredi 9 mars 2011

A Hidden Parisian Market

**** *** *** Is a Market that is technically one of the oldest covered markets in Paris, constructed in 1615 under the rule of King Louis XIII. The market is definitely off the beaten path and is a must for a lunch stop. Authentic Japanese, a wonderfully creative crepe vendor (who is known to throw unusual ingredients like chevre, feta, honey, basil into crepes), Libanese, African, etc. You really would not find this little hidden gem on its own. Come on one of our market tours and we will take you to this and another great one in a morning market tour finishing with a hidden market lunch! Shhhh if you're not with us and try and find it on your own you might miss it! 

A Market tour in Paris consists of 2 Markets and is 150 Euro for 2 people. Email if interested in coming on one of our trips! This trip includes a morning market and this "hidden market" for a lunch stopover!

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