dimanche 27 mars 2011

Paris Chocolate Tour

While many come to Paris to devour french classics like beef bourguignon, onion soup, coq au vin and eat enough smelly cheeses for a few months, one of the real gems of this city is their artisanal chocolate producers. The quality is perfection and the flavors rich, dark and utterly delicious. Yet, which ones to choose? This is the question. We have prepared a list of our favorite 3 producers in Paris and we'll take you on a 3 hr Chocolate tour around the city including numerous tastings. 

Here is a glimpse of who you might see:
** ********- You might want to skip lunch to make a trip to one of the most exclusive chocolatiers in Paris. With his first Paris boutique and incredible creations this is a shop not to be missed. 

********* Hot chocolate often has the power to bring you back to the days when you were 6 sitting at your grandma's house all curled up in a blanket on her couch getting a quick sugar rush from the amazing kid friendly beverage in your hand. We'll this gem in Paris allows you to relive those memories and do it with hot chocolate that is mindblowingly yummy in a beautiful Parisian atmosphere. If you like the idea of thick rich, hot ooey, gooey hot chocolate alongside a meringue pastry pilled high with whipped cream than this is your place. 

******* Probably some of the best truffles in town and numerous flavors to choose from. A quick stop to pop a few into your mouth is a must. 

******* A chocolate mousse bar in Paris – that’s right, folks, a whole bar dedicated to not wine, but chocolate in a tiny tucked away corner in Paris. It is scooped out for you by a spatula and served in a cute little paper cone.  

****** Since being awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (France’s top craftsman) in 1986. This great chocolatier of Paris, is renowned for his fusion creations of chocolate with non other than cheese. Yup, who would have thought. He mixes his luxurious chocolate with cheeses such Camembert and Roquefort. Not to be missed.  

A hidden Paris chocolate tour is 150 euro per person. It includes visits to numerous chocolate shops around Paris, private guided walking tours and tastings, and tons of insider tips about the city. Email tastysidetolifetours@gmail.com if interested. 

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  1. OMG I would die to be there right now. Those photos made my mouth water! I have to say that there is another country in the world where chocolates are its specialty: Argetina. In the south, the city Bariloche is proud of the chocolate industry they have. Being very cold, it is one of the things it can offer to skiers. I was there, and then went to the capital, where I got my apartment in buenos aires and I have to say that in the capital there is not as good chocolate but they do have a steak that tastes wonderful!